Form Architecture | St. Mary’s Lane
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St. Mary’s Lane

This site is located adjacent to a listed Clockhouse, and is the location of former historic house ‘New Place’, placing it in a sensitive position. More recently the site housed a redundant medical building being used as offices.  The proposals gained planning approval for a new building containing 9 residential units with basement car parking.


Working closely with the Local Conservation Officer and English Heritage the design of the new building was  intended to complement the evolving architectural history of the local area, rather than attempt to replicate the traditional style of the nearby listed Clockhouse.


The built form was re-located within the site to re-establish the historic outlook from the listed Clockhouse onto the Public Gardens, situated behind the site. This relocation of built form also allowed the introduction of landscaping to further visually link to open public spaces beyond.


The contemporary form of the new building was linked to the surroundings by retaining traditional materials such as red brickwork and painted render, whilst introducing materials such as zinc panelling to reflect the contemporary character of the design.